Who are we ?

Founded in 2004, the French law firm GOFFIN VAN AKEN is today composed of multilingual lawyers experienced in court proceedings.

Ever since its creation the firm has continuously grown pushed by the demand and need for legal advice from clients coming from France and other parts of Europe. (mostly The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, but also Germany and the United Kingdom)

The location of the office in Strasbourg, seat of the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights reflects the international orientation of the firm.

We collaborate as lecturers with Strasbourg University (IUT) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Strasbourg.

We are speakers at various conventions andĀ professional seminars.

Expertise Field

The law firm GOFFIN VAN AKEN is a multidisciplinary firm that can take action in different branches of the law. Commercial law, labor law, social security law, real estate law, family law, or Criminal Law.

You will find a lawyer able to assist you in the realization of your projects and represent you in case of dispute.


The lawyers within our law firm present profiles combining technical knowledge and professional experience in order to respond better to your needs, whether it is a case in France or abroad.

Why appoint us ?

Law firm GOFFIN VAN AKEN, composed of multilingual lawyers, has undertaken several actions for the defense of non-resident or cross-borders taxpayers against the French tax authorities or social organisms.

Our actions have come to positive results before courts.

Ask to be called back in order to discuss about this action.