Fee agreement


We present below the conditions of intervention of our firm: the mission that we will accomplish on your behalf, the cost of the procedure as well as the formalities that you will have to complete.


Entrusted mission :


Within the mandate, we will carry out on behalf of the client the following :


  • Create the file by indicating to the client the documents that will have to be gathered;
  • Submit to the relevant tax authorities a first claim according to Article R. 190-1 of the tax procedure rulesrequesting the refund of the social security charges plus interest for late payment,
  • In the event of rejection of the application by the tax office authorities, we will submit an application before the Administrative Court based on Article R 199-1 of the tax procedure rules.
  • Follow the proceeding and the hearings until the delivery of the judgment from the court of first instance.


For the purpose of tax proceeding only, the Client will take up the residence at our offices based in Strasbourg.


The law firm will keep the Client informed of the progress of the mission entrusted and its outcome.


Cost of the procedure :


The amount of the law firm fees and expenses which reward the mission carried out by the law firm GOFFIN VAN AKEN has been fixed at 500.00 € excl. VAT, 600.00 € incl. VAT, this amount will have to paid by bank transfer when opening the file.

This amount applies regardless of the number of tax years involved or the nature of the income affected by the social security contributions.

Any additional action before the administrative courts including the appeal to the Administrative Court after rejection of the request by the administration will be invoiced 500 €  excl. VAT per procedure.

The agreed amount applies strictly to the mission assigned.

The client also authorizes the lawyer to:

  • receive on a CARPA account opened specifically in the name of the clientthe amount returned by the tax authorities at the end of the proceeding;
  • deduct from this amount an amount corresponding to 15% excluding VAT of the latter as additional fee, to be divided between the law firm and the real estate agency.
  • proceed the payment of the balance owed to the client on the bank account of the latter.

Any dispute is within the jurisdiction of the Chairman of the lawyer council of STRASBOURG.


What you need to do to appoint us :


To allow the opening of a file on your behalf within the law firm, we would like to invite you to :


  • proceed the payment of 600.00 € incl. V.A.T onto the law firm bank account (IBAN: FR28 2004 1010 1503 7129 1M03 604 / BIC: PSSTFRPPSTR.) by stating the references of transfer as follow:  2019 (month) -CSG (client`sname).Please be advised that settlement of this amount implies the acceptance of the conditions outlined above.
  • send us by email the documents that will be requested.


Upon receipt of your email, we will confirm the opening of the file on your behalf, you will be sent afterwards a paid invoice and then we will inform you about the documents required to be sent to us in order to establish the claim accordingly.


Please pay attention to the limited time allocated to appeal, therefore we invite you to contact us in due time.


Thank you for trusting us


Very best regards