Frequently asked questions :

1. I am a cross-border worker (Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg) and is subject to social security in the state where I work, but my spouse works in France and is affiliated for her social security with a compulsory French plan (CPAM / Social Security independent). Are we concerned?

It all depends on your matrimonial regime:

  • If your income is considered common – either because you are married without a marriage contract (automatic application of the reduced community legal regime to the acquests, or because the marriage contract you have concluded so provides (community plan of furnished or acquired property regime of universal community) – you can get a refund of half of the social charges you have paid.
  • If your income is considered separated, because of the marriage contract concluded (separation of property regime or participation in the acquests): only the social security contributions that have been levied on the capital income of the spouse may be reimbursed.

2. I am a retired cross- border. Am I concerned ?

Only if you are affiliated for your social security in another Member State of the European Union or Switzerland.

3. I am French but live and work abroad. Am I concerned?

Yes. Only your affiliation to a social security scheme of another EU member state or Switzerland (LaMal) counts.

4. I live in Monaco. Am I concerned?

Only if you are not affiliated for social security in Monaco but belong to a social security scheme of another EU member state than France.

5. I am affiliated for social security in a third state to the European Union. Am I concerned ?

No, for the Court of Justice of the European Union (“JAHIN case” of 18 January 2018), the application of the CSG-CRDS on the capital income of the people affiliated to a foreign social security plan in a state that is not a EEA member state or Switzerland is not against the right of European Union law.

6. I am not a citizen of a EU member state or Switzerland. Am I concerned?

At first sight, no, unless you are married to a EU or Swiss citizen and benefit from a regular residence permit (contact us).

7. I am a non-resident and earned no income of my real property in France. Am I concerned?

No, it is because if you benefited from a capital gain in case of sale of real estate or collected rents that you are concerned and can obtain the refund(repayment) of social charges (CSG / CRDS)

8. From what amount is it interesting to launch an action?

There is no minimum amount. However we can admit that the action in repayment is justified only if the total amount of concerned income (eg capital gain(increase in value) or rental revenues accumulated over 2015-2017) exceeds (overtakes) 20.000 €, is a minimal amount of social charges to get back about (20.000€ x 15,5 %) 3.200€. After deduction of the expenses of procedure, the clear(net) earnings(gains) are about 1.500€

9. How soon will I get the refund ?

We are totally transparent: you cannot expect a refund before approximately 1 to 2 years.

It is necessary to take into consideration, that when the French state is ordered to repay the taxpayer, it must also pay late interest at an annual rate of 2.2%.

10. Can I get the refund myself without going through a lawyer? And if I use the services of a law firm, why would your firm be the best ?

There is nothing against the legal process that you yourself initiate the procedure before the tax authorities and then before the judge to claim the refund of social levies.

However, given the technical nature of this type of tax litigation – requiring special attention when preparing the file and sufficient legal knowledge to develop a solid and convincing legal argument – we recommend that a law firm perfectly master this problem specific to the restitution of the CSG / CRDS and the rules of procedure before the Administrative Court.

Our firm has, in the past, shown that it has successfully obtained the reimbursement of social security contributions on behalf of a very large number of non-resident and cross-border clients.

The presses talk about our actions.

We know exactly what each client needs to collect as documents and documents and how to get a favorable decision. We are seasoned with this type of litigation.

For these reasons we feel that you can trust us.